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Services bonded warehouse

The term “Bonded warehouse” may be applied to the customs procedure under which goods are under customs control without fee payment and to specially equipped warehouse or open area where is customs procedure of regulation. 

“Rokada” as recognized expert in industrial logistics, provides bonded warehouses. All warehouses of our company are fully equipped for qualified storage and goods, both food and non-foods products.

Rokada provides a number of services related to the storage of goods in customs warehouses:

  • Own bonded warehouse;
  • Heating of warehouses. Winter average temperature is minimum +8C;
  • Storage of goods in customs warehouse regime;
  • Temporal storage in warehouse;
  • Transshipment of transit goods through the bonded warehouse ;
  • Division and package, labeling, palletizing etc.;
  • Consignment services (commission form of sale of goods where owner turns goods over to consignee to warehouse;
  • Consolidation to bonded warehouse. Warehouse located in cargo terminal territory in Kyiv. This terminal is with its customs post and all control services, which are necessary for passing customs clearance. 

Co-operation with “Rokada” bonded warehouse allows our partners to optimize logistics processes and effectively manage commodity chains in Ukraine.