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Restrictions on the transportation of road goods

To the attention of truck drivers: from June 1, traffic on public roads is prohibited
☀ We remind citizens about the seasonal restrictions on the movement of heavy vehicles during the day. They are introduced annually at the beginning of the summer season to preserve public roads.
Appropriate prohibitory road signs and information boards have been installed on public roads of state importance. The relevant central executive bodies and the association of road carriers have been informed about the application of these restrictions and the location of temporary sites.

Who does the ban apply to?
Vehicles with an actual mass exceeding 24 tonnes and an axle load exceeding 7 tonnes.
Who are we making an exception for?
Trucks carrying dangerous, perishable goods, live animals and poultry, as well as transportation related to the prevention or elimination of the consequences of emergencies.
Under what conditions is movement restricted?
During the day at daytime temperatures above +28 degrees Celsius.
What should drivers do?
You can wait for the hot period on the sites for temporary parking of vehicles in the lanes of roads and near the & rsquo; road service facilities.
You can find the sludge site along state roads by following the signs or use our Google map: https://bit.ly/3tW0aKP
You can also use the TIR car park. Map of their location at the link: https://bit.ly/2RZMRf2
Who monitors compliance?
According to the current legislation, observance of seasonal restrictions and weight parameters by truck drivers is checked by territorial subdivisions of Ukrtransbezpeky and regional subdivisions of the National Police of Ukraine.