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Multimodal transportation

Multimodal (mixed/combined) transportation is a transportation at least of two different types of transport in one turnaround agreement. This type of transportation is one of the most difficult of transport and logistics transportation, but “Rokada” is absolutely responsible for the whole process of transportation even if it is performed by different types of transport. 

An additional point, the multimodal transportation has a number of advantages:

  • Customer cost saving, because in any case the collaboration with one company is cheaper than collaboration with different/separate transportation carriers; 
  • Optimization of delivery time. For example, if we provide a delivery of cargo by air and automobile transport the shipment will take much less time than to transport it by vehicles; 
  • Security guarantee of cargo. Corporate carrier takes full responsibility of cargo storage. Choosing different movers of cargo, it cannot be guaranteed that during transferring the cargo it will not be damaged.  

In addition, multimodal transportability consists from work with one supply contractor (in a case with “Rokada” with one of fixed manager, who controls the whole transportation process). This much simplifies document flow and allows to receive information about status and location of cargo. 

We offer the following multimodal transportation schemes: 

  • Sea + trucking shipping;
  • Sea + rail shipping;
  • Sea + rail + trucking shipping;
  • Rail + trucking shipping;
  • Air+ trucking shipping.

In such a way, contacting “Rokada” You will get 5 different methods of multimodal transportation and we, in our turn, ready to provide on-time delivery, cargo secure and democratic prices.